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  1. Congratulations on your new book. I know just how much time and effort goes into what you have done. It is in many ways a gift to others. I’m interested that it seems you were able to do it without using books, or do I get your resources section wrong? Will there be a bibliography that cites books and other printed material? The reason I ask is I read scores of histories, biographies, autobiographies, memoirs, official papers and the like, relying very little on on-line sources, which I suppose are the wave of the future and even the present. I came at the PTO from a far earlier point than you did, but the two would make an interesting combination for readers.


    Best of luck with the marketing.


    • In case you’re still following this thread – the bibliography is here now.
      Also, I’m amused to see “The Great Liars” in the ‘People who bought this also bought…’ for X-Day: Japan.

      At the moment I’m reading “A Call to Arms”, a very thick book about the American mobilization. Much of the text is devoted to political problems, and FDR comes off no better than Stalin as a manager of anything.

  2. Yes, closer to press time the entire list of ‘suggested reading’ will be posted here, which is really a bibliography. [The current list is in place largely to generate cross-links and get better Google placement.]

    I love the concept of The Great Liars, sounds like a lot of fun to write!

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