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    • Don’t neglect to look up original sources for the complete story. You will find even better information on the “Scuttlebutt” and “Resources” pages on this site. – sdm

  1. I am part way through the book and am enjoying it. I read ‘The Burning Mountain’ a few years ago and have always been interested in the idea of ‘what if the bomb had not been used’. My dad, who had taken part in the British liberation of Burma under General Bill Slim, was in training for the proposed amphibious invasion of Malaya (Operation ‘Zipper’), when the war ended.
    I have noticed one small error in the entry for 16th July: the Trinity test site was located in the south-eastern corner of New Mexico on the White Sands Proving Ground. It’s really nowhere near Los Alamos, which is about 190 miles away to the north.

    • Added to the list, thanks!
      The cover story was of course issued for Alamogordo, NM, which is much closer.
      [Still, I coulda swore I read the office camps were a lot closer to the test site…]

  2. I bought the book a couple of days ago for my kindle and I am up to X-day already. I really like the way you have tried to capture how someone like Michael Kerr would have covered the Second World War, albeit in a Chandleresque-tone. A valiant attempt to reclaim the genre of alternative military history from Tom Clancy and his many imitators.

  3. Thank you for writing readable prose. I bought another alternative history book about another area I´m interested in, namely what would have happened if the cold war had gone hot, but the way it is written has put me off finishing it.

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